TechSols Inc., formerly known as Technical Solutions Engineering Inc., was formed in 2007.

With our fast product development environment, we are able to turn ideas into reality by employing knowledge, good communication and innovative common sense. TechSols answers the need for advanced engineering and manufacturing services with our well – engineered products and unparalleled quality. We design and manufacture your custom product exactly as you want, and as efficiently as possible, to help grow your business. Our automotive, defense and industrial experience, fast prototyping and a healthy combination of in-house and contracted manufacturing ensures you gain a competitive edge. We guarantee consistent on-time delivery of price-competitive products.



We regularly collaborate with our customers...

to join in their engineering efforts to create new products or improve existing designs. Our engineers’ in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process allows us to leverage and combine Design for Manufacturability, Design for Assembly, and Design for Test principles early in the design stages to ensure a seamless, cost-effective, turn-key production run. The team at Techsols has remarkable capability to develop custom products and meet new requirements for a wide range of applications. Our engineering services including mechanical designs, electro-mechanical solutions, electronic designs.


In-house state of the art SMT assembly line...

LED lighting developed by Techsols Inc. offers a complete range of customized, high-efficiency, long-life applications for the transportation industry which exceed industry standards. Our skilled engineers combine the latest components with advanced optical, electrical and thermal management designs to create world-class integrated lighting systems. Techsols has an in-house state of the art SMT assembly line to produce printed circuit board assemblies required to manufacture products. Where applicable, propriety LED binning technology is used to ensure lighting systems are meeting customer specifications.


Custom switching mode DC/DC converters

Techsols Inc. continuously develops custom switching mode DC/DC converters with power ranging from 2W up to 5kW. We offer open frame, chassis mount and rack mount mechanical configurations along with convection, forced air, conduction and liquid cooling options. DC/DC converters featuring wide input range, single or multiple output types, remote On/Off, remote sense, adjustable output voltage or current, output short circuit protection, output fail alarm(s) Can Bus monitoring listing few options. The converters designed to operate industrial temperature range of -40C° to + 85C° with thermal shutdown in case of insufficient cooling.


Turn to Techsols Inc. to protect your sensitive electronic circuits, sensors and connectors from moisture, mold, fungus, ESD, shock and vibration or to add rugged cable strain relief.

Using state-of- the-art, gentle low-pressure injection over-molding technology and the highest-grade polyamide adhesive materials available (UL94-VO industrial rating), we will encapsulate, seal, and protect your electronic components. This technique creates a watertight protective seal with high impact strength, stability and abrasion resistance ensuring you receive the full service life of your components while minimizing life cycle costs. We will work with you from the inception of your design through final delivery, addressing your unique requirements and ensuring that your components are expertly engineered, visually appealing and protected.

Why Over-moulding Encapsulation Technology?

• Gentle on delicate electronic components
• Encapsulates almost any shape of component/circuit
• Replaces the requirement for housing or potting
• Encapsulates external connectors with circuits to create integrated, water-tight units
• Utilizes cost-efficient production and materials
• Excellent insulation properties
• Stable and will not degrade over time
• Derived from natural fatty acids
• High-performance Polyamide Adhesive Materials
• Imprint your logo into the adhesive material / Corporate & product visibility
• Allows for greater creativity in your designs


Ruggedized assemblies, when it comes to circuit board or cable joint protection, is a crucial part of many designs.

We are continuously engineering and implementing innovative methods to provide the finest service to our customers. We design and manufacture, in-house, our own encapsulating fixtures and molding systems in order to offer custom solutions for any requirements. From prototyping to high volume production we are here to discuss your requirements.

We offer a wide variety of materials for your encapsulation and potting requirements such as epoxy, silicone and urethane. We work together with you to select the best encapsulating material for the given application. As each media has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is crucial to use the right material to give superior protection for assemblies against, example; moisture, vibration, shock, tampering and reverse engineering. Encapsulation is also a great solution to help distribute and dissipate heat built up by heat generating devices which allows operation of high-powered equipment in a closed environment.


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