Turn to Techsols Inc. to protect your sensitive electronic circuits, sensors and connectors from moisture, mold, fungus, ESD, shock and vibration or to add rugged cable strain relief.

Using state-of- the-art, gentle low-pressure injection over-molding technology and the highest-grade polyamide adhesive materials available (UL94-VO industrial rating), we will encapsulate, seal, and protect your electronic components. This technique creates a watertight protective seal with high impact strength, stability and abrasion resistance ensuring you receive the full service life of your components while minimizing life cycle costs.

We will work with you from the inception of your design through final delivery, addressing your unique requirements and ensuring that your components are expertly engineered, visually appealing and protected.

Why Over-moulding Encapsulation Technology?

  • Gentle on delicate electronic components
  • Encapsulates almost any shape of component/circuit
  • Replaces the requirement for housing or potting
  • Encapsulates external connectors with circuits to create integrated, water-tight units
  • Utilizes cost-efficient production and materials
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Stable and will not degrade over time
  • Derived from natural fatty acids
  • High-performance Polyamide Adhesive Materials
  • Imprint your logo into the adhesive material / Corporate & product visibility
  • Allows for greater creativity in your designs